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Be it the music, the performance, the painting or the film -
creating has always been what he is about.

Art from the Soul


Art from the Soul is the album Jay has been carefully constructing over the past few years. It is his vision of life and personal experiences that constitutes a musical journey within itself. The record combines Jay's signature melodic soulful pop with the wonderment of several diverse elements, with each song offering a different flavour to the final mix. Includes tracks produced by Dan King and Marrik Shearer.


Jay Makwana has been a striking performer since the age of four, having played at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, London Hippodrome, The Jazz Café, Curve Theatre and indigO2. Displaying his talents as a Michael Jackson Tribute Artist for over 25 years, Jay is also an established Singer and Songwriter who's signature style combines both melodic and “soulful pop” with an RnB flavour.

In 2009, Jay released his debut single ‘No Sunshine’, which was well received all over the nation, first playing on Buzz Asia and the BBC Asian Network. The video aired on MTV, VIVA and Channel AKA – sparking a great deal of interest. His second single, ‘Style’, followed in 2010 and received in excess of 3,000 downloads on iTunes in the two months of release. In 2013, Jay released a third single, 'Baby Can't You See', in conjunction with the release of his new album.

Jay's interest in music and performance first stemmed at an early age when watching a Michael Jackson video. This was and always will be one of the main inspirations for his undeniable passion for dance. Growing up, as well as being influenced by a number of different styles, Jay strived to bring forward a unique sound – not one designed purely for serving a particular time in music. Coming from a creative family, he was instantly put into the spotlight from a young age to showcase off his singing and dancing abilities.

In 2001, JMJ Productions was formed. Its mission was to simply aim to give the public even just the tiniest fraction of the masterful artistry that was performed by Michael Jackson. This later went on to become Jay’s main collective vision, in which Jay trained and choreographed a number of dancers within the group.

Today Jay is singing, writing, producing and performing his own music – still forever learning. He continues his love for performing as Michael Jackson and strives to better himself with each performance. Musically, Jay has always embarked on offering a unique sound – not one designed purely for serving a particular time in music. His new album ‘Art from the Soul’ has been a natural progression over the years with every song on the album being written, mastered and perfected by Jay himself.